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Everybody likes a bit of bareback sex, even the nay sayers and do-gooders on some adult forums that you visit. After all, it's
how nature intended it. There's no better feeling than flesh on flesh penetration. At least you have the balls to go looking
for it and your tenacity has been rewarded because you have found the UK's biggest bareback sex website.

Clearly bareback sex does carry a higher risk than protected sex and you should only seek it out if you are completely
100% sure about what you are doing and the person you're going to fuck is also of the same mind. Now, there are
two main ways to get bareback sex. Option 1 is to risk everything by visiting a bareback escort. We wouldn't recommend
this option. Firstly the vast majority of escorts don't offer it and if you ask for an
escorts bareback option they are not likely
to want to have anything to do with you. A number of escorts do offer bareback sex and they can be found on the Adultwork
website. Regular escorts don't offer bareback because they are rightly concerned about their health and that is a good thing.
Escorts who do offer bareback sex on the Adultwork website may also be concerned about their health upto a point, but
because it's a financial transaction can you really trust the escort to be straight with you. Should an escort engaged in a
legal business even be offering such risky practises for a fee ? We'll let you decide.

The second option to obtaining bareback fucking is to join BareBack Swingers, for a fraction of the cost of booking an
escort that offers the service you get access to the thousands of members both female and male that are looking for
bareback action because they like it, not because they're going to benefit financially from it. Therefore you both have
the same interests. For example Samantha and Jason from Dudley are a swinging couple who regularly engage in
bareback cuckolding. Jason has his hands tied behind a chair and cannot move and his wife Samantha gets a good
bareback fucking from different guys that they meet on Bareback Swingers. Sometimes even three men in succession.
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